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Scalp Micro Pigmentation has become the affordable solution to hair loss due to its low, one-off costs which give guaranteed results.

You may have seen advertisements for hair transplants costing around the same as a Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment. However, these costs are not transparent. Many people have experienced issues when they require double the amount of original hair graft due to the transplanted hair being rejected and shedding, leaving you with thinning hair once again. You then require a repeat hair transplant incurring additional costs.

Other hair loss solutions such as Laser caps, Tablets and Hair Fibers offer minimal results if any. These methods do not grow or thicken hair and although it may slow hair loss slightly over time, ultimately it will still leave you with thinning hair. So are the side effects really worth the risk?

Hair Fibers can be convincing if applied correctly, but you are not able to get them wet. Is dodging the rain, avoiding sweating in the gym or missing out on swimming whilst on holiday really a hair loss solution? All of the above treatments have an ongoing cost which may seem cheaper initially but over time they become substantial. This is why more hair loss sufferers than ever are turning to Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The results are immediate, its one-off affordable cost, and there is little to no maintenance required.

Treatment cost

Every client's requirements are different therefore we determine the exact cost of your treatment during your Free Consultation with us. However, to give you an indication of our treatment price please see below our pricing structure, the prices include a second top-up:

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Small Area


  • Covering receding hair line and thinning areas. (Norwood 1,2, 2a and 3)

Medium Area


  • Covering receding at the front and the crown plus thinning areas. ( Norwood 3a, 3 Vertex 4 and 4a)

Large Area


  • Covering whole head or anything without any hair. (Norwood 5, 5a, 6 and 7)



  • Free consultation - Face to face, phone or whatsapp
  • 12 month guarantee (fading and touch up’s)

Female Hair Loss


  • Free consultation - Face to face, phone or whatsapp
  • 12 month guarantee (fading and touch up’s)

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